Making Feedback Matter

In Henry County Schools, we are committed to ensuring each student graduates college, career and life ready.  We believe that a core measure of this success is the ability to be a reflective learner who engages in constant self-reflection in learning to mastery.  We broadly label this as student agency, and believe that there are tangible ways to measure the growth of student agency over time that are connected to best practices in instruction and learning. If students are provided significant increases in the quality and frequency of practice turns with timely, specific, and meaningful feedback, the result will be higher student achievement on academic measures as well as an increase in student agency. Ultimately, we want students to attempt various rigorous and complex tasks within their zone of proximal development, receive and internalize feedback and then participate in next attempts in productive ways based on that feedback. We have named this process #makingfeedbackmatter.


We have teamed up with Next Generation Learning Challenges to explore ideas in how to increase student agency through specific and timely feedback processes in classrooms. Our project is one of 12 which selected from a pool of 148 proposals to receive funding for technical assistance, networking, and learning opportunities. During our first meetup in March, we were impressed by the other projects, and had the opportunity to make connections with other people looking to #rethinkassessment.

Our First Priorities…

Over the next two months, we are engaging in a lot of research and learning. Our first goal is to talk with teacher and administrative stakeholder groups to learn more about our current feedback processes and how adult learning best happens. We will share our current thinking about how we envision feedback loops, and will seek feedback from our stakeholders to inform our thinking. We realize that we cannot make strides without learning more from our educators, and we look forward to engaging with them in best practices.

Your thoughts?

We’d love to hear your initial thoughts on how feedback impacts student agency.

  • What is your opinion on how feedback impacts student agency?
  • How do you provide specific, timely, and meaningful feedback to your students?
  • What feedback have you received that was most impactful to you?

We appreciate your participation in our space in the learning community!

Melissa Thomas



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